There are live shows portraying the OK Corral gunfight everyday.  All of these actors walk around town the rest of the time creating photo ops for the tourists. The gunfight show tells the story of what happened causing the OK corral gunfight.  It follows the movie pretty close.  It is a really fun show to watch.  They are shooting blanks (mostly .45 cal) but the guns are real.  This is really a fun town to visit.
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Here the sheriff is trying to talk the Clantons into leaving town and avoid the conflict.  To no avail...
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The Erps and Doc Holiday come to the OK Corral.  It's getting serious...
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Both sides talk but there is not much agreement, and suddenly  one of the Clanton gang draws and then everybody  starts shooting.
Lots of customers for  boot hill.  All of the Earps survived, some wounded except for Wyat who was unscathed.